The Patient Experience

Jason J. Kim, CDT

It starts with a Patient Consultation


It may not seem like the first concern in the science of oral design, but what sets apart the masters of this aesthetic dentistry from the rest is the psychology of creating beauty. Patients typically come to us with a loose idea in their minds of what the ideal smile is. We often hear the phrase, “I want my teeth done and I want the best.” Our job is to determine what that precisely means for you. Like Catherine Saint Louis wrote in her New York Times article, "As with hair color, communication is key during the creation of couture teeth, since the idea of ‘natural’ varies widely." Jason J. Kim, CDT, prefers to meet with each patient personally if possible. This meeting is called the consultation.

During this meeting Jason uses his artistic sensibilities to observe your smile and begins to envision how his talents can elevate your look. He also gets to know your personality, an important factor when creating your new smile because a patient's demeanor is a crucial element in the look of their teeth.

Working with Dentists

From New York, to out West, today's preeminent dentists openly discuss the importance of Jason J Kim, CDT to the success of their own practices.

Determining Patients' Personalities


Today's discerning clients, men and women alike, want meticulously customized, yet natural- looking teeth that offer a balance of lifelike translucency and opaque whiteness. They want that hint of modern-day white, which can range from the crisp, clean look found on magazine covers, to the very extreme Hollywood white. Only a Master Ceramist can create the modern adaptation of the white and natural – yet- fashionable smile.

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